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Abington Art Center is a community center focused on music, drawing, painting, oil, ceramics, metals, sewing, embroidery, pottery, and jewelry classes. It is an outdoor free concert venue, with theater, dance, jazz, and live music on stage. You can buy gifts, crafts, bracelets, necklaces, and rings at the unique holiday fair.

Registrations for AAC programs are accepted with full payment only. There is no prorating of any class.

AAC reserves the right to make changes in programs, schedules, instructors and tuition fees, and to cancel classes due to insufficient enrollment.

Class materials are provided for youth classes, but adult students must supply their own materials unless noted otherwise.

AAC reserves the right to cancel or refuse the registration of a student who is disruptive or interferes with the ability of other students to enjoy their class. AAC also reserves the right to use photographs of students and their work for promotional purposes.

Refund Policy

Full refunds will be issued in the event a class or workshop is cancelled. We will get in contact at least one week prior to the start of a class to notify of a cancellation.

Withdrawal requests for a refund or credit must be made in writing to by the deadlines below.


90% refund or 100% credit: 1 week or more prior to first class

75% refund or 100% credit: Within 1 week prior to and 1 week after the first class

NO refunds or credits will be given after the first week of classes.


75% refund or 100% credit: 1 week or more prior to workshop

NO refunds or credits will be given within a week of or after a workshop.

Credit is good for one year from date of issue towards future classes, camps, and workshops. Credit is NOT applicable to online registrations and must be redeemed over the phone or in-person.

Registration and member fees are not refundable.

Zoom Policies

Please add this event to your calendar using the links in this document or keep the Zoom link somewhere safe such as in a note taking app. Meeting links will be resent one hour before each class. If you happen to misplace your meeting link, please email with your information.

Please login 5-10 minutes early, as arriving late may disrupt the class. This class is created with a waiting room so we can check in guests once the host is ready to start. Your name will appear as your reservation when you enter the waiting room. This link is unique to you, so please do not share your Zoom link with anyone. We will be admitting only one device per registration, so sharing your Zoom link may result in missing the class.

To enhance everyone’s classroom experience, we ask that students mute themselves unless speaking at appropriate times during the class. You may also interact with your teacher by using the “raise hand” feature or typing questions in the chat. Your instructor will be clear about when it is an appropriate time to engage with them and the rest of the class.

Sharing devices to watch the class is not prohibited for people who are not registered. All device sharers will be asked to identify themselves and must be a registered student.


Occasionally while using Zoom for events and classes, meeting participants will get dropped from the meeting. If this should happen, please locate your meeting link, wait two minutes and click the meeting link to rejoin. A host will readmit you shortly.

All virtual classes are recorded for AAC’s use to optimize our programming. Adult Classes and Event recordings may also be shared with other students or uploaded publicly by AAC to Youtube or other video platforms. Youth Classes will only be shared with other registered students.  You may mute your microphone or turn off your camera if you do not wish to be recorded.

Transfer Policy

AAC does not charge a fee to transfer from one class to another. If the class in which you transfer costs more, you must pay the balance. A credit will be issued for the difference if the class tuition is less. Transferring is only allowed up to the second week of classes.

Cancellation Due to Weather

In the event of cancellation due to inclement weather, an announcement will be posted on the front page of our website and at 215-887-4882 ext. 100. Cancelled classes will be rescheduled.

Camp Withdrawal & Transfer Policy

Withdrawals made more than 2 weeks prior to your registered week will result in a full refund less a $25 fee. Refunds will not be given for withdrawals made less than 2 weeks prior to your registered week.

Transfers, based on availability, may be possible for a fee of $15. Deadline for transfer requests is 1 week prior to your registered week.