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Abington Art Center is a community center focused on music, drawing, painting, oil, ceramics, metals, sewing, embroidery, pottery, and jewelry classes. It is an outdoor free concert venue, with theater, dance, jazz, and live music on stage. You can buy gifts, crafts, bracelets, necklaces, and rings at the unique holiday fair.

Short Stories, William Timmins

COFFEE BREAK: Artist Talks Online | William Timmins and Zsudayka Nzinga

Saturday, May 21 | 10:00a.m. – 12:00p.m.

FREE | In Person Event

Our Coffee Breaks are sponsored in part by the Jenkinstown Lyceum.

Abington Art Center is proud to host this in-person artist talk featuring 2022 Spring Solo Series artists William Timmins and Zsudayka Nzinga.

Our Coffee Break series is a casual conversation with the artists featured in our exhibition programming. Learn more about the exhibiting artists’ process and technique through a talk and a Q&A. Coffee and bagels are provided for free.

William Timmins

Timmin’s paintings are often derived from the internal thoughts, feelings and emotions evoked by beauty. Rather than convey this beauty in a conventional, representational form, he references music, dreams, memories, nature and artistic influences for inspiration, and attempts to convey the beauty and his joy in the abstract, via color, shape, texture, mark making and space. He leaves it to every individual to view and interpret the images through their own personal lens.

Zsudayka Nzinga

Nzinga is a multi disciplinary mixed media artist and designer. She considers her studio practice to be cultural anthropology in that she aims to capture and archive through her work the history and culture of Black Americans. She is very interested in what happens when Black American artist work and narratives are included alongside American art without requiring the Black artist to center their identity in trauma or politics and whether the sight and existence of Black faces is enough to make their work, voice and existence inherently political. Her works seek to normalize the day to day of Black Americans and celebrate culture while also highlighting moments shared by all humans.

“We all sit in the house, we all water our plants, we are all living an existence with more similarities than differences.” Nzinga says.

Nzinga work challenges viewers to include Black stories in American stories. Told through the lens of personal experience, she uses acrylic, decorative paper, hand dyed paper, linocut stamp, ink, vinyl, marker, metal, fabric and thread to create images of proud and beau.

For more information on a particular artist or piece please call 215.887.4882

This event is produced as part of our Winter Solo Series 2021, on view from February 25 – April 4.

Our Coffee Breaks are sponsored in part by the Jenkinstown Lyceum.