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NEW! Drawing from Masterworks of Regional Architecture – Winter 2020


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Ian Tornay

January 13 – March 16

Mondays, 9:30a.m.-12:30p.m.

Sessions will take place on site at some of Abington Townships architectural masterpieces. We will visit churches, meeting houses and synagogues, such as Frank Lloyd Wright’s Beth Shalom Synagogue, as well as houses and railway stations by Horace Trumbauer. The first and last session will be spent working from the 1930’s era interiors at Abington Art Center. We will learn how composition and choice of technique can evoke the unique architectural qualities of a great building.  Experimenting with line, tone and hatching, we will develop observational drawing skills in black and white or colored media while learning about the rich history and architectural heritage of Abington Township.

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