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Meet Yah For Coffee?

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

I came out this Saturday to “Coffee Break,” and it’s exactly what its name suggests.  Coffee break is sponsored by the Abington Art Center and provides an artistically scrumptious break in your Saturday morning routine.  Also keep in mind, there are (2) two different times you can meet up for a Saturday~ Coffee Break; 9:30 am and 11:30 am, and it’s opened to the public.

This cozy gathering lets people relax from the stress of life, take a mid-morning breather, sit back with a cup of coffee, a pastry, and take in some art… And trust me, at the Abington Art Center, there’s plenty to sample.

Along with meeting the featured artist of the day, various blends of coffees are highlighted.  Peregrine Coffee brought today’s coffee selection named; Flores and Panama to us.  Peregrine’s is a Philadelphia based company owned and created by Kevin Lawrence.

At first, we were given small sample cups of each coffee, and then given the opportunity to take a bigger cup (or two) of whichever one we preferred. Wow… The coffee brews were a hit, and the aroma was oh-so- wonderful!

So I encourage you to check out the Abington Art Center’s website for details on the next Coffee Break – scheduled for December 4th.  Maybe I’ll see you there…. bring a friend.

Black Birds In My Coffee

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

Today, (11/13/2010) I attended the Abington Art Center’s 11:30 AM seating of  “Coffee Break” to hear Erica Loustau.

My fellow bloggers and I had the opportunity to meet Ms. Loustau and see her work while it was in the process of being installed. However, there’s nothing like seeing the finished project, with a 23-minute long soundtrack of chirping birds added.  The exhibit was still as simplistic and yet as striking as it was at first glance.

Ms. Erica Loustau whose installation “Black Sun” featuring a flock of black paper birds hung by monofilament.  Erica’s was highly written about already by the Philadelphia Inquirer and, of course, by my fellow Abington/PNC bloggers.

Coffee Break (a popular Saturday event) began in the adjacent room to Loustau’s exhibit with the sampling of the coffee. Being more of a tea person, I can’t really speak to the taste of the two coffees, but each seemed to be quite popular with the rest of the group.  However, I did try one of the pastries that were set out on the table to go along with the coffee.  Having a big sweet tooth, I could hardly resist.

After being thoroughly caffeinated, Ms. Loustau entered the coffee break area to discuss her work.  She gave great insight into all the thought that went into her project.  She mentioned how originally she had wanted to have a sculpture of a figure running after the flock in an attempt to join them, but ended up leaving that out of the final project.  Loustau’s background lies more in sculpture, but found that the lengthy process of creating the sculptures wouldn’t go well with her starting a family.  “[Installations] fit the balance of my life and the direction of my life, I want to go in.” She said.”  After getting an inside look into the process, we soon got up to see the result of all of Ms. Loustau’s hard work.

Catch These Birds

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

As I entered the room, my eyes were automatically drawn upward.  A flock of black paper birds in flight, though such a simple idea, seemed so complex once you looked at it.  Silver lines of fishing wire held the birds aloft, their shadows cast upon the wall.  Erica Loustau’s installation truly is something to see. Despite its minimalism, you instantly feel something once you see it.  And because of its status as an installation once the piece is removed it is gone for good.  So I would catch these birds quickly before they fly away.

L O O K it’s a…

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Erica Loustau’s art work it’s by far one of the most interesting styles of artwork that I have ever seen.  Her artwork has to do with flocks of black birds and how they move through their environment.  Looking at her artwork was amazing; the hundreds of birds gliding around the room on rigged fishing lines gave me an intense feeling.  That intensity you experience when running in a park and suddenly a group of birds fly out of the bushes.  It is really quite remarkable how this exhibit is constructed.  I even had the opportunity to talk to Erica; I asked, “How did you come to choose this form of art expression?”  She responded by saying, “I’ve always been interested in the movement of flocks of birds and swarms of insects.”  Erica went on to explain how birds know which way to turn and how they do it all at once in perfect coordination.  I though Erica’s work wasn’t something you saw every day and was something that most people should go out of their way to see and admire.

Black Birds Fly

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

I met Erica Loustau when she was creating Black Sun, a multi-media installation of birds flying around the gallery space. I like the way she incorporated the whole room and the way she uses the light and shadows to make it look like there are more birds than there actually are. I asked Ms. Loustau how she decided where everything should go, and she showed me a diorama that she built to figure out the placement of every bird. I went back to view the finished piece a week later, and it was a lot different. There were hundreds more birds, and she had put in sound effects, which added to the illusion that the birds were moving; it actually felt like I had run into a flock of birds on the beach and scattered them. You really need to experience this amazing piece of art for yourself.

Swoosh Aerodynamics

Friday, October 1st, 2010

“Birds,” an installation piece created by sculptural installation artist Erica Loustau, remains faithful to its title. The piece, inspired by the movement and community of swarms of birds, features hundreds of black paper cutouts of the winged creatures strung in alignment, and midair. Using the crude materials of Elmer’s Glue, paper, and wire, Loustau creates a delicate, thought-provoking piece that aims to emphasize the communication between the congregate of birds. The black flock of paper birds spanning through air evokes a liberating feeling. The birds, though immobile, catch the eye, as if they are gazing at the clouds while swimming through the sky on invisible wires. As for viewers, they can experience a surreal feeling when standing among these organisms. The piece’s beauty mainly lies in its fluidity and its sense of movement; the curved path that the flock takes in the air is intricately organic and marvelously free flowing, drawing the eyes across the room with ease. Using common materials, Loustau transcends the media to craft a truly thoughtful and nuance piece, one that is a sight to see.

Erica’s Birds are a Trip!

Friday, October 1st, 2010

Erica Loustau’s work, with its flocks of black birds in various stages of flight, puts one in the mind of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic The Birds, only without the horror. Her life sized birds and even their shadows dominate the room, capturing the same degree of awe as actual birds heading South. The simplicity of the black and white colors is embellished with an I-pod-infused sound of chirps and wind, inspiring the atmosphere of spring, and making one forget the intricate sculpting, geometric configuration, and probably sweating Ms. Loustau endured to create her art.